Kaleidoscope designed by Sylvan Design

Sylvan Design Studio creates unique, one-of-a-kind, furniture, cabinetry, lighting, and accessories utilizing a mix of wood, metal, glass, stone, and recyclables. Commissions accepted.

Sylvan Design Studio is one of a dozen artists’
studios open to the public during the West End Celebration’s Crystal Celebration—

A Kaleidoscope of Arts!
Complete Listing for 2017 To Come


juried art show

West End Celebration Kick Off Party Begins with
Sand City Arts Committee’s Juried Art Show Reception Friday, August 26, 5-7pm

The Sand City Arts Committee launches a Juried Art Show, with cash prizes, opening in conjunction with the 15th Annual West End Celebration. An Artists’ Reception will be held on Friday, August 26th, from 5p-7p, where awards will be given. This event just prior to West End’s Official Kick Off Party, with the intention that folks can go from one event to the other for a complete immersion experience in visual and musical arts. The Committee selected Gail F. Enns as the sole juror for this exhibition. Enns has over thirty years of experience as a curator and gallery owner. She is currently owner and director of the Green Chalk Contemporary Gallery in Monterey.The exhibit will be showcased at the Independent, with the support of the Orosco family, through September 5, 2016




Monterey Sculpture Center
1795 California Ave (831) 384-2100

Craig Hubler
1737-B Hickory Street 831-917 -6226

Sculpture Works
460 Elder Ave (831) 899-7970

Holly & Ashley Temple
542 Ortiz #5A\ 831-915- 7485

Libby Sofer’s Corner Gallery
717 Contra Costa Street 831-394-6409

Sylvan Design
613 Ortiz Ave (831) 393-1990

Manny Espinoza
613 Ortiz Ave (831) 236-1998

Todd Kruper—TCK Studios
637 Ortiz Avenue #A 831-582-3679

Gregory Hawthorne
430 Ortiz 831-677-2511

Red Door Gallery
860 Tioga Ave,

Karl Schaefer
715 Tioga Ave.

Anderle Gallery
418 Orange Ave.,

Jean Luc Preti
1720 B. Contra Costa 831-776-8151

Sweet Elena’s Café d’Artistes
465 Olympia Ave, (831) 393-2063

Signature Design Group 495 Shasta St.

Visiting Artists / Artisans,
Galleries & Associations

Pacific Grove Art Center
Central Coast Art Assocation
Michael Schultz
Sonia K. Orban-Price
Jack Wray
Shelby Hawthorne
Bobe Kirsch/ Darcey Russak
Sofanya White
Rick Vagnini
Lori Bala
Howard Jones
Youth Art Collective at Ream
Lenore Masterson
Patrick Webster
Helga Bronwne Scarlett
Holly Temple
John Hunter
Heather Cunningham
Cheryl Robinson/Lupe Dosda
Rory Glass
Bridgett Spicer
John Thompson
Shawn Kelly
Craig Hubler & Kristen Krimp
Bohemian Hollow
Brock Bradford
Murphy Adams
Kenji Art Designs
Mary Titus
Sylvan Design
Manny Espinoza
TCK Studios
Ash Woodshops
Timeless Treasures
Art's Council Monterey
Community Partnership for Youth
Monterey High School
Jane Hawley/The Earthings
Peninsula Potters
Coastal Studio Eight
Robin's Keep Mosaic Art
Gratia Plante Trout
Sheri Nichols
Nothing Rhymes with orange
Lindsay Marx
Carol Long
Kahlow Creations
Shirley Peake
Barbara Orr
John Brown
Touch of Glass
Faloni Photography
Nancy Allen
Vickie Reichardt
Frank Justus
Heavanly Jewels
Natasha Barriger
Kim Ackerman
Dana Spanierman
Maggie & Mel Nelson
Urban Arts Collective
Abbott Designs
Constance Purnell-Provenzano
Jonathan Wolfe
Anastasiya Bachmanova
Community Palette
Open Ground Studios
Walking Heads

Work by: Craig Hubler; Karl Schaefer; Sylvan Design; Lygia Chappellet;

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West End Artist Videos
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Gary Sousa Video
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Domni Ann
West End 2015 Volunteers Sponsors Green Scene Sand City Vendors Artists Music Home
Karl Schaefer
Shelby Hawthorne
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Sand City’s 15th Annual West End Celebration’s MTV Chill Room
Celebrates the 35th Anniversary of MTV and Its Ties To Sand City

Illusions of Grandeur has pulled out all the stops for the transformation of the Carol Building into The MTV CHILL ROOM, at 525 Ortiz Ave., in Sand City—the heart of the West End Celebration. The MTV CHILL ROOM, Celebrates the 35th Anniversary of the founding of MTV and will feature screenings of early MTV Videos; Michael Nesmith’s Elephant Parts, and John Harris’ Last Days of Cannery Row. A small photo gallery, with historical MTV related photos, provided by Michael Nesmith himself, will also be on display. Live models wearing fashions from the era, provided by local boutique Cat’s Meow, greet those entering the Chill Room. Once inside, order a Glastonbury Beer and chill to the memories of the good old days of MTV .

Micheal Nesmith

MTV’s Sand City Connection—Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith, while a musician, songwriter, actor, producer, novelist, businessman, and philanthropist, is best known as a member of the TV band the Monkees. Yet, he is also the brain child behind the concept of MTV, not to mention the recipient of the very first Grammy Award given for Video of the Year for his hour-long television show, Elephant Parts.

In the mid-1970s, Nesmith started his multimedia company, Pacific Arts, which initially put out audio records, 8-tracks and cassettes, followed in 1981 with “video records.” Nesmith produced the music video for the Lionel Richie single “All Night Long” and the Michael Jackson single “The Way You Make Me Feel.” During this time, Nesmith created a television program called PopClips for the Nickelodeon cable network. In 1980, PopClips was sold to the Time Warner/Amex consortium. Time Warner/Amex quickly developed PopClips into the MTV network.

Sand City has been an incubator for creative minds since its inception. The MTV Chill Room serves as a reminder that big ideas continue to come to life inside the artist studios and warehouses of Sand City. In fact, Nesmith continues to incubate his big ideas in a warehouse in Sand City with his current Pacific Arts project, Videoranch 3D, a virtual environment on the internet that hosts live performances at various virtual venues inside the Ranch.

All West End attendees are invited to “chill” in the MTV Chill Room, where your free to sing along to Dire Straights lyrics, “I Want My MTV.”

Visit www.westendcelebration for further information.

Sponsored by Illusions of Grandeur; Glastonbury Inc.; Keller Williams Mark Cohan; and
Cat’s Meow Boutique.