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Musical Line Up—
Saturday, August 26, 2017
Independent Stage

Roy Rogers

Saturday, august 26
Independent Stage 4pm

Roy Rogers & The Delta Rhythm Kings

Roy began playing guitar at twelve years of age. A year later at age 13, he was performing in a rock ‘n’ roll band that wore gold lame jackets and played Little Richard and Chuck Berry tunes. Roy, who was indeed named after the King of the Cowboys, has since developed a distinctive style of playing slide guitar that has elevated him to legendary status.

Roy began his career playing with various groups and also recording on the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest movie soundtrack as well as a few more movie and television gigs before releasing his first solo album in 1985. Rogers joined John Lee Hooker’s Coast to Coast Blues Band and established a strong personal and professional relationship with the venerated blues legend. Said Hooker, “I just can’t say enough good things about Roy. He plays so good. Some of the best slide I’ve heard, best blues I’ve heard. He gets real deep and funky, and he masters whatever he plays.” Rogers produced the historically important four recordings for John Lee Hooker, “The Healer” “Mr. Lucky” “Boom Boom” “Chill Out” – with some tracks involving co-producer credits with Ry Cooder and Van Morrison. Roy’s musical talents were also featured on the soundtrack for the 1990 film The Hot Spot, which he recorded with Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker and Taj Mahal, garnering a Grammy nomination.

Since, he has successfully collaborated with a number of legendary artists, including; Norton Buffalo’s final album; Reidar Larsen for a release in Norway of The Crossing; and then Ray Manzarek—their joint efforts produced three recordings in eight years – Ballads before the Rain, Translucent Blues and Twisted Tales. Now, at the top of his game, Roy and his Delta Rhythm Kings will present an exhilarating show for Monterey County residents.


Calico the band

Calico the band
Calico the band is a California band in the deepest, most natural sense of the term. Specifically, the moniker (all caps, please) is shorthand for California country. Founder/leaders Manda Mosher and Kirsten Proffitare perform tightly harmonized, thought-provoking songs that are said to exist in a continuum with the seminal form Gram Parsons famously dubbed Cosmic American Music.

CALICO’s new album, Under Blue Skies is influenced by the duo’s shared love of Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Eagles, the Everly Brothers, Fleetwood Mac and, of course, the Beatles. Their songwriting touchstones include Joni Mitchell (whose “Ladies of the Canyon” they cover on the album), Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, The Band and Tom Petty. Mosher and Proffit feel so connected to this classic music that they’re able to bring it into the present tense and make it their own. https://www.calicotheband.com



Singer/Songwriters Nicole Sutton and Mark McGee’s persuasive, genre bending songs blend rock, pop, jam, country, and blues, creating the template for a new era of world class music. Their chemistry as songwriter, coupled with their supercharged vocal harmonies, are the heart of Luvplanet’s fresh, original sound. Sweet seductive vocals and acoustic guitar from Nicole Sutton, masterful slide, shred and theme driven electric guitar from Mark McGee (former guitarist with Hall of Famer Greg Allman), together with rhythms from bassist Tommy Sisco and drummer Michael Amos lure yu in with raw, genuine emotion. www.luvplanet.net


Bryn Loosley

Bryn Loosley
Formerly the front man for raucous roots rock band Buffalo Creek, Bryn Loosley emerged as a singer/sonwriter with his 2008 release “The Wrecker”, which featured performances from Jackie Greene, Tim Bluhm of the Mother Hips, and former Black Crowes guitarist Audley Freed. In 2011, Bryn won a Gail Rich Award, given to artists who inspire the diverse and culturally-rich community of Santa Cruz, where he performs with his band The Back Pages. His second album, “Blood Year,” was released in 2013. brynloosley.com


Musical Line Up—
Reel to Real Stage

proud monkey

The Proudest Monkeys
The Proudest Monkeys is one of Monterey County’s most exciting new bands on the local music scene. The band has a strong local for their high energy shows. In fact, they were dubbed one of “Monterey County’s Best Shows” of 2016 by Monterey County Weekly. Since, the band has performed throughout Central California equipped with an arsenal of several albums worth of original material.. 

At the helm of this endeavor are members Ricky Swete - Lead Guitar; Mourad Shehadeh - Keyboard; Tim Ingram - Drum; Trevor Lucier - Vocal/Bass Guitar; Nick Stoeberl - Vocal/Percussion

Each member brings a distinct and formidable quality to the music and when together, The Proudest Monkeys make for a show that you will never forget. In addition to the laurels brought forth by each member, Nick Stoeberl’s role in the public eye as Guinness Book of World Record’s “Man with the World’s Longest Tongue”, along with his many appearances on national television, is greatly increasing the exposure of the the band’s music to a larger audience. www.theproudestmonkeys.com



American Trashbird
American Trashbird is the newest arrangement of familiar faces in the Monterey music scene. This specific species of bird can often be heard singing in beautiful harmony, collecting rustic rhythms for their nest of trash and class. Pure and understated; somewhere between the quaint seaside villas and the middle american ghost town dive bars. Recycling forgotten refuse from the bins of blues rock, the richness of roots music, and some liberties with latin beats they have forged a cry of their own. https://www.facebook.com/americantrashbird/‎

sensory tribe

Monterey’s Sensory TRiBE
Monterey’s Sensory TRiBE is a fascinating blend of good vibes reggae, soulful rhythms and joyful music collaboration. When asked to describe the Sensory TRiBE in three words band members shot out positive, community, organic, joyful, magic, energizing, vibrant, dope, multi-dynamic, collective, fusion, vibes, water, eclectic and fun. Consensus showed that overall their vibe is ineffable and badass. The Sensory Tribe is comprised of 6 members of varying backgrounds and musical influences contributing to their overall expansive cultural perceptiveness and uniquely positive sound. Sensory TRiBE established a foundation through jamming and cheerful music making and officially formed in August of 2016. Members contribute to the music making process with their unique musical backgrounds. I spoke with the members during one of their regular practices at The Constant Jam (EL Kallpa’s Residence), a homey nest of instruments, books, music, unique artifacts and vivacious houseplants, adding to the sense of community and togetherness Sensory TRiBE represents in their band culture and holds in their fans hearts. sensorytribe.com


Tuxedo Boombox

Tuxedo Boombox is a four-member pop culture tribute band based in Central California. The band consists of Maddox Haberdasher on vocals, Nicola Reilly on violin, Todd Samra on keys and DJ Sy-Ence on turntables.



Zack Freitas

Zack Freitas grew up where the wild things roam in Hollister, CA. He began playing music at the age of 13 on bass guitar, and then at 18 he was told by his father to learn to play guitar and start writing his own music if he wanted to get serious about making it into the music industry. Now at the age of 25, Zack has released 3 EP's (1 Solo "Bitter Vanilla" in 2014, and 2 with his former band Kizmet ("Death is a Blessing" 2015 & "Friend of the Animals" 2017) and one solo LP ("Blow off the Steam" 2016). He is currently working on his second full length record, "Desolation Animals", set to release on October 28th 2017.

In Zack's own words about his relationship with music..

"As a songwriter, there's particular things I'll draw from, mainly experiences I have. I tend to work with themes such as depression, social commentary, angst, existentialism, & dependence..
We all experience these themes of vulnerability to a degree at some point in our lives. The best I can do is create something the listener will identify with.
Songwriting is a form of therapy. I honestly believe that music has saved my life more than once, and will continue to due so until the music industry tears me apart, but that's okay."

You can find his full discography here



Musical Line Up—
Sunday, August 27, 2017
Independent Stage

Big Brotehr

Sunday, August 27
Independent Stage 4pm
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Closes The West End Celebration’s 16th Year

Big Brother & The Holding Company first performed in the Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, in 1965. After their appearance at The Monterey Pop Festival with lead vocalist, Janis Joplin, in 1967, Big Brother rose to international fame. Big Brother’s classic 1968 album “Cheap Thrills” is considered by both fans and rock historians as one of the greatest albums of all time. After Janis, the band reformed with the original four members and continued to perform around the world. In 2007 the legendary Big Brother joined “The Summer of Love 40th Anniversary Tour” with Jefferson Starship, Quicksilver Messenger Service, David & Linda LaFlamme (It’s A Beautiful Day) and the Grateful Dead’s Tom Constanten. The next four years saw a continuation of this multi band tour teaming up with Canned Heat and Country Joe McDonald for “The Heroes of Woodstock 40th Anniversary Tour”. This lineup performed at over 30 amphitheaters and sheds, including the original 1969 Woodstock site and Los Angeles ’ Greek Theatre. Big Brother’s music has been part of the soundtracks of numerous, major films: The Dreamers, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Home for the Holidays, Riding in Cars with Boys, Coming Home, Monterey Pop, Petulia and others. In 2015 Big Brother celebrated the band’s 50th Anniversary with original members Peter Albin and Dave Getz, and Tom Finch and David Aguilar playing outstanding guitar. The very talented Darby Gould (Jefferson Starship) fronts the band, singing all of the classic material made famous by Janis Joplin and Big Brother & the Holding Company. www.bbhc.com



Ray and the Forget Me Nots 
Combine some of Las Vegas’ best musicians, dreamy vocal arrangements, completely organic musical instrumentation and an undying commitment to song writing, you get Las Vegas’ Ray and the Forget Me Nots. After forming in early 2013, the band has performed at Bottle Rock and the Fillmore, and record the follow up to Ray’s first solo record, “RE CREATION” after leaving Lovers and Strangers. They then teamed up with legendary front of the house “guru” Brad Madix and longtime manager and friend, George Edwards to produce “BUTTERFLY TOWN”, released in early 2014.  Butterfly Town brought the band to a new level as musicians, partners, and friends. Ray and the Forget Me Nots have spent the better part of 2016 recording their follow up to Butterfly Town and their more recent single “Laugh When You Want to Cry” slated for release sometime in the summer of 2017.  4getmenots.com; https://www.facebook.com/RayandtheForgetmenots/‎



Mary Loves Molly
The music festival experience is often fueled by what festival-goers refer to as Mary and Molly, which they claim helps the various musical genres mix for maximum enjoyment. This same mixing of styles in a high-energy, uninhibited atmosphere, resulted in an explosion of creativity from a group of talented musicians. They are Mary Loves Molly and their chemistry is contagious. https://www.facebook.com/MaryLovesMolly



Dirty Cello
From China to Italy, and all over the U.S., Dirty Cello brings the world a high energy and unique spin on blues and bluegrass. Led by vivacious cross-over cellist, Rebecca Roudman, Dirty Cello is cello like you’ve never heard before. From down home blues with a wailing cello to virtuosic stompin’ bluegrass, Dirty Cello is a band that gets your heart thumping and your toes tapping!
“The band plays every style imaginable, and does some fantastic covers. (Their rendition of “Purple Haze” is incredible.) But what is most spectacular about them is hearing the depth of soul in Roudman’s playing—it goes beyond what most people would expect from the instrument. She plays it with so much heart, you’ll wonder why more bands don’t have a cellist.” Good Times Santa Cruz. https://www.dirtycello.com


Derek Bodkin’s Hovering Breadcat
Hovering Breadcat is an eclectic ensemble of veteran musicians who play Derek Bodkin’s original music, and favorite cover tunes with funky folk grooves and bouncy bluegrass to delight your soul. Have you ever heard of how a Cat, when dropped, always lands on it’s feet? Have you ever heard that buttered bread, when dropped, always falls butter side down? What happens when you combine the two? Yup... you’ve got a Hovering Bread Cat. www.derekbodkin.com


Musical Line Up—Reel to Real Stage


Jayson Fann &
The Rhythm Liberation Project

Featuring  a world-class ensemble of musicians and dancers weaving African rhythms, soul, Jazz, Brazilian, Caribbean, afro-beat and spoken word with a passionate dance performance. Jayson Fann and the Rhythm Liberation Project awakens the spirit and invokes a vision of global unity.


Sean Ryan & Taylor Kropp
Two Monterey based singer/songwriters/guitarists that have both picked up and moved to Nashville return to play on the same stage. Taylor Kropp is a singer, songwriter and guitarist based out of Nashville, TN. As a sideman he has worked with Tanya Tucker, Kristen Kelly, Josh Dorr, and Sarah Turner. In 2016 his guitar work was highlighted in the feature film “Believe”. His debut single “Learn to Love” is available now. https://www.facebook.com/guitarplayntaylor

Sean ryan

Singer / Songwriter Sean Ryan has been performing all over the nation for the past fifteen years from the Golden State to the heartland of music Nashville, TN. Coming from a long line of musicians beginning with his grandfather who performed with the Las Vegas “Rat Pack” during their height, he was taught the drums by his father at the age of eleven and started playing professionally within the same year. ​In 201, Sean Ryan opened for well-known national act “Anderson East” and the talented Folk artist “Lissie.” https://www.facebook.com/SeanRyanBand



Dan Beck
Born in Indianapolis, Indiana Dan Beck has over 40 years experience as a guitarist and is a prolific composer and songwriter adding new tunes every week. His music extends over a number of different genres - blending jazz, blues, folk, rock, Latin and classical - it is ever-changing due to his ability to improvise even as a solo guitarist. https://www.facebook.com/danbeckband/



Samba Legal

Samba Legal

Samba Legal was born five years ago with members of diverse nationalities and all with the love of Brazilian music. “Legal” pronounced "Lehgao", is a Brazilian Portuguese word meaning “hip” or “cool”.

Members of Samba Legal have been playing their brand of Brazilian rhythms for the better part of two decades throughout events in Monterey County including West End, First Night Monterey, May Fest, Good Old Days, Mazda Raceway Events, The Big Sur Food & Wine Festival as well as private parties.

The roots of the rhythms the band plays can be found in Pelourinho, a historic neighborhood of Bahia Brazil, where slaves were brought from Africa to work in the plantations.  Music was one of very few avenues of personal freedom for them, and the source rhythm was Jamaican Reggae.  This music was creatively fused with the traditional Rio samba to create a what is know today as "Samba Reggae".  

The leader of Samba Legal, Mark Daoud, studied under renowned Salvadoran percussionist Marcio Peter, making many pilgrimages to Marcio's homeland, Salvador Bahia, to learn and bring back a more traditional style of Samba Reggae. He has been a student of world reknowned originators of the music Olodum, Ile Aiye  and Timbalada. Mark then teaches Samba Legal drummers what he’s learned to further the repertoire of music the band can share with the audiences.

Often the band is accompanied by the Samba Legal dancers, in full regalia, to help usher audiences into the joy and spirit of Bahia.
Booking contact: YES! Management / Elsa Rivera / 831-596-8015